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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Billings, MT USA
Spouse/Partner: Buzz (retired) local truck driver sand and gravel 30 years
Occupation: Retired. Dec 2017. Analyst - Construction Projects
Children: no children
One niece and two nephews
My niece at 8 years old told me she knew why SHE was MY More…favorite niece, as she was my only niece! Ohhhh, did I tell you that you were my favorite? Ha ha.
Attending Social Gathering (07/13/19)



Look forward to hearing about the reunion!

My yearbook is in Fargo with my brothers but I remember most names and can picture most!

I'd like to scan our yearbooks to post on classmates DOT com
1971 yearbook is there!

My memories are most of Washington Elementry School! Can we say Alzheimer's? And St. Stevens Episcopal church Sunday school/confirmation with classmates! Mace Ebert, Nate Leigh, Linda Hertzgard, Laura Coffrey, .....who am I missing?

School Story:

I see Don Hovden has a Facebook group page for our class.
Fargo North High Class of 1974

Another way to share photos etc

THANKS Cindy and team for all your work! Look forward to the videos, pictures, stories etc!

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I left Fargo August 1985 as McKesson Drug Company closed and consolidated with Minneapolis. I moved on starting a career with McKesson!! One year in Mpls, moving to Billings, MT August 1986 continuing 'my career'. I moved in to my apartment Sept 1....some guy moved in below me Oct 31....noisy.... as that 'person' was pounding nails in the walls at 10:30 at night. Really irked me!
I'd pass this guy on the side walk through the winter...all the while snubbing my nose at him! as I was a career person and wasn't planning on staying in Billings long. “How are you doing” he’d ask, FINE! as I'd walk past him BRISKLY. I really was a shy person way back then!!!
Anyway, turns spring, I'm kinda tired of hanging out with just work people. My friend Crystal kept encouraging me to invite the 'neighbor guy' up for pizza. over and over she'd keep telling me this. I finally got the courage to ask him up for pizza - June 1987! He (as in BUZZ) about FELL OVER as (I was told later) he had given up on me. ha ha
Buzz was looking for 'just a friend' to go do stuff (as he was just going through a divorce of 16 years) we just started hanging out....going places and showing me Montana. Our first outing was a day trip over the Beartooth Highway to Cooke City for a few hours. I was hanging on to dear life as I was a flatlander!!! Oh he teased me later! Anyway, it has been buzz and barb ever since!

It was God's gift of guiding to Buzz. My best friend and supporter! We bought our house in 1989 and married in 1993. Already 21 years!!!! Buzz has a great family here and I enjoy my life much.

Buzz retired from construction 2 years ago at 59, oh, then the body issues of the hard work of construction. Back surgery last October to relieve a pinched nerve in the lower back, then both knees replaced 3 months ago. Life is getting back to normal as we are able to camp and four wheel again!!! My happiest times are in the mountains four wheeling and relaxing!!!!! No phones, computers, TVs, etc. His two brothers and wives come with often and we laugh constantly.

I took Buzz to Florida over 20 years ago (kicking and screaming ha ha) as he was raised in California. Florida sounded to flat to him. Turns out, he loved it. We now winter every February in Florida. It feels like a second home as we've been going there for so long we know the places to go and see the same friends. My brother John and family lives on a lake north of Orlando, we get together also to catch up and the yearly hugs.

Oh, McKesson Billings closed 1999 – consolidating with Denver and Salt Lake! I was asked to relocate, we did go look at Denver, but decided to stay in Billings, with family and camping/hunting so close! (I had just hit 20 years with the company)

I took a Microsoft MCSE class. I came out with book smarts, no hands on experience tho. I started at Billings Clinic in Accounting (using my accounting from high school) and advanced to my position I have now. Work for the VP of Facility Services, tracking the construction projects that are constantly going on. I’ll celebrate 15 years of service this fall, and can’t wait until I CAN RETIRE!!! Need that health insurance tho…

I didn’t mean to write a book, but since I won’t be at the reunion, I wanted to let you all know where I have landed. I get back to Fargo every so often to see my brothers (Jim -wife Marry- and Barry) at Lake Cormorant) My sister (Debbie) coms up from Minneapolis and we go 'shopping'! Boy, has Fargo changed.

I look forward to more pictures and stories of the reunion. Please post ‘your stories’ also (if you haven’t already)
Your former classmate, Barb

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Started a small in-home fragrance business over 10 years ago and love it!

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with my niece and her mom! (my sister Debbie)

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